Tip: label power adaptors

Hi. I bet there are several musicians that have more than one effects pedal and power adaptor/wall wort/etc. Nowadays, most of the power adaptors from different vendors all seem to look the same e.g., Infinity, Strymon and BeatBuddy) but may supply different amounts of mA current.

To keep track of which power adaptor belongs to its parent effect pedal, I mark a small piece of masking tape with the effect’s name and stick it on the adaptor. That helps me avoid a potential and costly mistake of say plugging an AC adaptor into a DC-powered pedal or under powering an effect that requires 300mA with a 200mA adaptor.

My “pedalboard” power situation is absolutely ridiculous. I made a custom circuit that seems to work but haven’t soldered it together yet. My rig uses: 9V, 5V, 12V, and 12VAC!

LOL, my pedalboard is more like a floorboard ;- )

I like that idea. While my input board is powered by a VooDoo Labs PP2, my loop board, beat buddy board have their own power supplies. It would save me having to squint to read voltage/polarity info (the Beat Buddy power supply looks a bit like the Pigtronix 15V).

Here is the schematic of what I built. Now, if only my aging eyes could see well enough to solder it :slight_smile: It worked great in the breadboard though!

I’ve been thinking though about making custom cords that plug into a standard 9V, and output 5V or whatever I need, in order to get the odd voltages. Could be simpler.