To Stupid For Beat Buddy

Man I got my new Beat Buddy Friday, Labor Day Monday now. The BB Manager got me totally outwitted
Just not PC savy enough. I been reading along the How To stuff but all the “folder” and “Files” back and forth just gets so confusing. I thought I might had me a Gig set made up and boom, its not working .The Beat Buddy is a great sounding pedal but knowing how to use this BB Manger is just way over my head.My neck hurts.

oh I agree I also got mine Friday, I’m overwhelmed

I got a little gig October in Missouri . I’m in Texas. Got invited to play as I wrote them a song. Anyway I’m not great guitar player but i know some I can do really good. The Drum’s to go with my one man band sounded good. But I think I might have saw something about moving folders up on the song list so they show up first on the SD card. I think I’ll line up some for my set’s and just see what tempo I need to set it out. For now anyway. The program if deep.

Good luck with that. Keep us posted

Well it don’t work only whole file sets can move up/down list not individual from a folder to stand alone in a list “songs” unless i’m missing something.

You`ll have to export your songs to PC, create a folder fo your gigs in BBM and then import the songs in that folder… Synconize project and ready to go.
Hope that helps, good luck

Also, please check out our full tutorial on all the basic of the BeatBuddy Manager:

If you still have specific questions, or get confused with certain aspects of the software, feel free to post your questions on the forum; or you can email us at - and we will be more than glad to help you out in whatever it is you need. :slight_smile:

Great big ole Thank You to Beat Buddy Support Guru Jay man. He sent me a email wanted to help me with my snags I was hav’n.
Downloaded a program so he can view my screen and got me going. Looks like i was forget’n to select the “folder” after I exported the song.
Ya got to select the folder to “export” the song to.Duh! Anyway we did a couple moves and he let me do it. I am editing away on my song list now one big happy camper. Thank You Jay and Beatbuddy. Yee Haw!!!

Remember… Computer savey or not, Beat Buddy is a fantastic tool. Right off the shelf it is one of the best drum machine ever made for singing and strumming.

Have had mine since it first came out and looking to monkey with the BB manager for the first time this weekend. Purchased a pack from Groove Monkee and going to buy that vintage kit that Goran Grooves has.