Transpose function in the built in MIDI Editor

I used the built in MIDI Editor to transpose a “with bass” track. I had to select each line starting with the highest one and then select Move to (in my case 5 notes up) for every line that has base notes. At least the darker gray indicates which lines have notes so you don;t have to do it for empty lines.

I would be great if you could select multiple lines at once (say, the entire bass range) and move them all up or down in one operation.

Taking it one step further you could even make ita Transpose menu that selects the right range, and maybe warns you if some notes get moved out of range, etc…

That being said it’s very nice not to have to switch to another program for that kind of simple editing.

Is there a manual for the built in editor? I couldn’t figure out how to insert another 12 bars in a loop and copy the previous 12 bar into before tweaking it.