Trouble getting pedal repaired??

My pedal has died after 18 months and I can’t book any shows because I’m now dependent on this pedal. Of course I tried multiple adapters and wall plugs, etc. I’ve been doing this equipment stuff for over 50 years.

I got a very quick reply from tech support suggesting I try a new adapter…duh. Not the problem and I asked for information on the fastest way to turn this around and that I had no problem with any charges… and now I can’t seem to get a response.

I hope they are just busy, but has anyone had to send a pedal back for repair or replacement???

$300 is a lot of money for a disposable pedal… I hope that’s not the case. I actually paid $350 mine out of the second production run. Obviously I’m going to need to keep two on hand so I don’t find myself unable to work.

Hopefully this will work itself out but I’m getting a little anxious. If I know there is a process to get the pedal fixed or replaced I would go ahead and order a second pedal ASAP.


Daryl Crowley

Problem should be resolved. I just got a reply from BB and directions on where send my pedal. Feeling much better now. I love the pedal and it adds hugely to my solo act and it’s good to know that hardware issues can be resolved. I’ve put in a LOT of time programming all my songs as I’ve not been able to use any of the songs that came with BB. I use a number of the loops, but most are too busy for my act, but fortunately I have a tons of great midi drum loop libraries in my studio and I have the ability to edit and create loops. Great pedal for those willing to invest the time, I love it.