Trouble importing drum loops as midi files into Beat Buddy Managers

I make drum loops on fruity loops, which assigns kick snare high hat and clap at piano note roll 60,61,62,63 respectively. When i export a loop as a midi file and load it into midi manager, sibelius and audacity it recognises where each of these components are. However, when i try and load the loop as a midi file into the main pattern section it only recognises the kick (60) component of the pattern, and says its not supported which isn’t a big deal because i can send it fairly easy to bass drum in the edit sequencer which is at midi note ID 38. BUT it doesn’t recognise any of the other constituent parts of the drum loop which are on the midi file? Any ideas on what is going wrong here? I can re create the drum loops in beat builder but would rather just be able to import drum beats i have already made, but i dont understand why beat buddy manager can only recognise one channel? Please see the screen shot below which illustrates the problem… thanks x

You can go into the drumset editor in the BBManager and double click on the drumsets to see the mapping for the MIDI notes. You’ll need to create a MIDI file according to the BB’s drumsets’ mapping.