Trouble installing BB Manager...Win XP

OK, tried using the BB today for the first time: got it a couple of weeks ago, but have been away. Not too many problems running/navigating around/playing the standard sets of beats on the BB itself: no problems with the BB footswitch either. So far, so good.

However, I now have two problems which may or may not be associated. i remember reading somewhere that, as well as all the standard sets of beats already installed on the BB, there are around 200 songs also.

I cannot for the life of me work out where those songs are on the BB!

I eventually concluded that I might need to download the BB manager from the BB website. Which I have.

However, it will not install: it gets part way along then declares:
“The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package.
This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2716”
I’ve been through your help FAQ’s and the only thing i can find is that the basic requirement for BB manager is Windows Vista, plus xmB hard space, etc. No mocking please, but the laptop I use for this and other minor tasks runs on Windows XP: a requirement I don’t remember reading about in the sales literature. Does code 2716 indicate that this is the issue? If this is the case, it seems like I can’t do much until I get a new, updated laptop. Is this a fair assumption?

Second question: does one need to have BB manager installed in order to access the standard selection of songs included with BB or are they on and accessible without the BB manager?

If the answers are ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’, I’m somewhat scuppered until I can afford a new machine…

Paul M
aka JtheB

What you found on the BB are what they call “songs.” There are no more songs or beats in the manager software. While they originally advertised that the BB came with the beats to actual songs, the company never disclosed what actual songs are in there and they later revised the advertising to eliminate that claim without explanation to those of us who bout the BB before.

Some users have posted in the forum lists of songs and the beats they found worked for those songs.

The beta manager software does not run on XP.

Having the hardware unit and an SD card is enough to get it to play beats that are shipped with the unit.

You need BBManager only to compose new BB songs or rearrange existing ones with MIDI files you should already have at hand.

Thanks both of you.
Reading through the FAQ, I expected the answer about XP, although, as i say, I don’t recall seeing that in any of the pre-sale advertising.
Without hopefully appearing too stupid, i think this means that the beats included (or songs as they’re now called) on the BB is basically all i can work with currently. This means i can’t even combine two beats (sorry…songs) together to make a very simple new song with one beat for the verse/instrumental and one beat for the chorus.
That’s a disappointment. :frowning:
It’s also something i could manage easily on an old Roland drum machine i bought back in 1991 without any need for a laptop.

Well Microsoft are no longer supporting Windows XP for the general public so neither will most software producers. However with a bit of work you can can get it to work on XP, however I have found that it can only make use of a single core on a multicore processor which means, dependant on its speed you may have sound issues. details are here:

Also have a look at this topic: