Trying to export song and upload beat but file is too large. Zip does nothing.


What do you do when you have a sng file that exports to a 1.5MB file and can’t upload it because the file is too big? I tried zipping it but it stayed at 1.5MB.

MBP - Yosemite OS.


Use dropbox or some other cloud storage and just paste the link…but that is very big for what is basically just combined midi files.


Thanks Ps40.

Weird - because I actually REDUCED the number of loops in the standard Bum Cha Ka song I culled this down from. But…perhaps the Intro I brought into it was larger than normal?

Otherwise - it was a straight: Intro; Part 1; Fill; Transition Fill; accent hit; Part 2; Fill; Fill; Transition Fill; Accent hit; Outro.


Ok ignore me, I have just tried to upload the Bum Cha Ka song and it was too big and that was 1.45Mb - could be the accent hit that is making it so large, you could remove that and try again. Did not realise the sng files were so large.



OK. I’ll try that…I don’t use the accent hit anyway on that song. LOL


Holy crap! That brought it down to 2kb? Does that really sound right???


It must be esporting the wav file from the accent hit - what is the reasoning behind that I dont know. Users can always add the accent hit later on.


This is interesting to investigate. That doesn’t sound right if the song tries to embed the accent hit in itself.