Two BB's in tandem

Can I use 2 BB’s in tandem as to simulate dual drummers.

Yes, but why? Would you be depending on MIDI drift for the effect?

Im trying to simulate the old 2 drummer sound

Can you define the sound? I’m not sure a straight sync will do it.

As in The Allman Brothers or where the drummer is playing a standard kit and the other is beating bongos, congas and etc? If the latter, the Standard Pro has a combination of those instruments. There are also user-created kits in the same vein. Or are you talking about two standard kits?

Old bands like the Gratefull Dead had 2 drummers


So did the Doobies and the Eagles at times on their last tour. What I am trying to understand is, what is the sound you’re trying to achieve? Is it two slightly off drummers playing together?

This is probably easier done with 1 BB and a Custom kit than it is with 2 BBS. With 2 units, the midi sync would be such that both sounds would appear as one. With a custom kit, and slight variances in the patterns being sent to drummer A vs drummer B, you can get the effect. You could also build the kit such that drummer A is panned right and drummer B panned left. You won’t get that with 2 BB’s, other than through a mixer with pans.

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