Two issues with BB - volume and fills

  1. BB will occasionally fade out or lose volume mid-song. I hunched over and jiggled all the cables and wires to no avail. Then would pop back to full volume randomly. I don’t see a patter ie: not during any one particular song or part of a song.

  2. occasionally when I hit the main pedal for a fill, all I get is a cymbal crash (which is set up to be triggered by the footswitch, not the main pedal.

Hi, rlumachi. If you haven’t done so yet, please update your firmware to 1.8.5 and see if the issue continues. If that doesn’t fix the problem, contact

Firmware update was done shortly after it was released (the update with the “drunk drummer”). This seemed to be the beginning of the main pedal occasionally triggering the wav cymbal crash.

Also, after that firmware update, I had another issue of triggered wav files overlapping over different beats in a song. For example, if a song has two beats separated by a transition, and each beat had a different wav accent, they would overlap. For example, in beat one, the accent/wav triggered by the footswitch is a short spoken word file. The wav in the 2nd beat was a cymbal crash. When I would trigger the cymbal crash in the 2nd beat, both the cymbal and the spoken word would play.

I deleted the song and re-created it but the problem persisted. I wound up making 2 separate songs, one with beat 1 and spoken word, and the next with beat 2 and the cymbal. Solved the problem but weird nonetheless. BTW, this was a song I created wayyyyyyy back and had been working fine for about a year (FYI, The song is “Two of Us” by the Beatles - the wav file in beat 1 is the “I dig a pygmie…” thing. The wav in the 2nd beat is the cymbal crash.)