Unable to delete message

I’m relatively new the BeatBuddy world so I’m still a little challenged as to how things work. After synchronizing a project, I am getting a message that reads: Unable to Delete H:/SONGS/config.csv
I believe this may have resulted from a song I deleted after downloading from the Beat Matching Tool. The song was Hurts So Good and it didn’t seem to work properly. Any ideas?

A couple of quick thoughts

  • try reimporting the song; save project and then sync. If this resolves the issue, use the BBM to delete the song
  • make sure you’re always using the BBM to perform functions–don’t use the Windows operating system.

Ok. I may have figured part of that out however, now I’m getting a message when I try to export to my SD card telling me that it can’t overwrite the existing folder.

Make sure you haven’t locked the SD card (little slide on the side of the card)

  • Save Project using your BBM to your computer
  • Use BBM to File > Export Project to SD Card (/Volumes/NO NAME/)
  • Once export completes, allow BBM to Synchronize Project to SD Card
    Let us know if this resolves the issue

Great - thanks - it was just the lock on the SD - I didn’t even think of that

Sorry it took me so long to remember that sometimes it’s just the simplest thing!

Hey no problem - thanks for your help!