Unable to enter Settings


The manual says that pressing down on the Drum Set and Tempo pots simultaneously should enter the Settings menu. This doesn’t work on my BB - the Drum Set pot doesn’t seem to do anything when pressed anyway - appears not to move as much as the Tempo pot. Am I missing something or is this a fault? Does anyone else have this problem?


Volume knob is not able to pressed (only rotated). Other two knobs should be able to be pressed. If this isn’t the case, you need to contact support at contact@mybeatbuddy.com. I would recommend making a short video showing the problem in order to help our support guys identify the problem. Thanks for your understanding!


Thanks for the reply - I don’t mention the volume knob - I know that doesn’t press down. Anyone else with this problem?


Ok - an update to my previous gripe: I managed to get into Settings by putting the heal of my shoe on the two knobs in question and adding a little pressure while at the same time gently wiggling my foot. This eventually brings up the Settings menu - and seeing as I won’t need to do that too often I guess I can live with that. Try as I may I cannot get it to work with pressure from my fingers.