Unable to Import SNG file into existing folder that has a SPACE at end of folder

Have a folder that seems to have a Blank space at bottom of it, and seems to not allow me to add (import) a new song SNG file. Works in other folders, but…not this one. Looks like following:
Song 2
Song 3
bbbbbb represents the last line which shows as blank.

I’ve never tried what you are doing before and I’ll take your word that it works in other folders. I can’t speak for whether or not blank song titles won’t corrupt your content though.

I just tested your process and it seems to work for me (the blue highlighted space is where the blank song appears)
Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 3.37.49 PM

If you have 99 songs in that folder, that’s a possible reason as that’s the folder song limit.

Here’s what I’d try:

  • select the song with the bbbbb line
  • BBM File - Songs - Delete Song
  • BBM File - Save Project
  • Quit the BBM
  • Launch the BBM
  • create a new song with the blank title
  • test it: BBM - File - Import - Song
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The delete process seems to have fixed the issue. Not sure why I missed seeing that when i was looking through the menu options.

Thanks for the prompt replay!

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