Undo the first layer of a track

sw 2.8.2. 6x6 mode

How do you undo the first layer of a track so that you can repeat the track again after an attempt?

I record a track, get it back into Play mode, the command available is “Overdub”. From this point, how do I basically erase the track I just recorded and start fresh with it again? I’ve tried muting, then holding, which doesn’t do it. I’ve somehow stumbled upon a mode where the track is recording again and I have the Cancel Recording option which seems to do the track, but I’m not sure how I’ve gotten there. It hasn’t been easily repeatable. How is erasing a single track suppose to work?

I think if you hold down the play switch it will undo the last layer, if there is an overdub layer you hold it down to undo that and continue to hold it down it will undo the base layer

Thanks. The issue was that I was trying to do this from a stopped state. Certain workflows (building backing tracks to save) are easier when you stop and start the engine between takes, and sometimes I want to undo what I had just recorded after stopping. So, I figured out that erasing the track while the engine is running does work and functions like this video demonstrates:

And this video demonstrates what I want to do, but cannot: