Uniquely Assignable Midi Commands to each Aeros Song?

Being fairly new to the BB,MM and Aeros, I don’t know if this has already been suggested by the user community or considered by the Singular Sound Product Team. I searched and did could not find this specific topic.

The concept is to provide Aeros midi commands that are song specific. I believe this concept is similar to the RC300/600 where each of the 99 memory locations has its own unique midi assignments.

An example for this application would be the following. Let’s say I have a specific song in the Aeros with multiple song parts and 1 or more tracks within each song part. I am using the MM or another midi controller to control both the BB and the Aeros for part changes, fills, pauses…etc… I start of the song in part 1 and then I use the MM to change to part 2. When I change to part 2, the BB and the Aeros change, but I also want to change the mode of other midi enabled devises. These devices could be as simple as a midi-enabled ABY switch or/and an FX box like the Helix or multiple midi instruments. The Aeros would initiate these midi commands when the song part change occurs. Extending this concept further, additionally the midi commands could be linked to induvial tracks within the song parts. The midi information would need to be linked to each song part and all of the information stored with each song. A menu would need to be created within the song menu (not system) to allow the user to configure the unique midi commands that are transmitted with the part or/and trach changes.

This feature would be extremely beneficial for live looping and still very useful for live performing with prerecorded songs even if it was functional on just the part changes and not the track changes. It will allow more focus on making music and less on the tap dancing.

I understand the MM, Morningstar or any midi controller can be configured to do this, but it would not be exclusive to each song on the Aeros. Having it exclusive for each Aeros song would provide near infinite creative freedom.

Please advise

Thank you

You topic title is confusing.

Would a simple description be that you want the Aeros to send out midi commands when you switch to a song part or song, and that you want to freely configure these messages, and that they be saved with the song?

Yes…they would be unique to that song.

This is possible in 5.0.0, try it out if you’d like!

It is in the song settings

MIDI Out Control
An Aeros song can be set to send any combination of MSB, LSB and/or PC commands when it is opened. The values you set will decide what values are sent when the song is opened. This is useful for controlling song specific settings on other devices.

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Hi Brennan. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the ability to send out unique midi commands when a song is opened is very useful. I have not tried that yet, but I see it is in 5.0.0. But in addition, what I was asking about is to be able to send out unique midi commands when a part change occurs within a song. These commands would be unique to that part transition.

This is also possible in version 5.0.0 when the Aeros is set to MIDI Transmitter (Master)