Unpausing with BB

im working with an external switch and have a problem:

When i pause a beat with external switch and unpause it with external switch the stopped beat starts from the beginning…
When i pause a beat with external switch and unpause it with BB then a fill will start before the beat goes on.

Is there a way to make the behaviour without the fill as the pause/unpause with the external switch?


That is by design but it gives you the option of unpausing with a fill and unpausing without a fill.

The following is from the BB manual:
Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap: While paused and the main pedal is tapped (pressed quickly), you have the option to unpause the song from the beginning with the intro fill (Intro option) or to unpause with the next fill in the currently playing song part (Fill option).

So if you play a song that is always the same then you can set it so there is no fill when unpausing.

thank you, tomorrow i will test it.


Hi Psalm40,
i tested everything but i cannot deactivate that no fill is playing when i unpause the beat!
Maybe i misunderstood something wrong?


By default when you press external footswitch to pause, pressing it again should unpause the BeatBuddy without the fill, pressing main pedal should play the fill. Holding the main pedal should end the song (only if you didn’t set trigger on press like I know @Psalm40 does).

So if i understand everythin correct then i have always to unpause with external footswitch to be shureb that no fill is playing?

Yes, the correct way to unpause without a fill is pressing an external footswitch again.

My thought was to change the config in the BB so when you unpause it would play the intro - now if a song has no intro fill then it should just unpause without a fill.
Does that make sence?

[I]yes that does make sense. Now i understood the functionality of BB!

Sorry but my englisch is not as goosd as i want!

Thanhs for your Help