Up and down arrows


Are the up / down arrows supposed to enable you to scroll through the main screen?
For example be able to scroll over to time sig. or name?
The manual says the buttons up / down are for scrolling through the main screen. On my unit, if you press up or down, it opens the folders, which is not the main screen, in my understanding.
Thanks for any info.


The discrepancy you’ve found lies in the meaning of the “main screen”. You tend to understand it literally - like in “no menu screen”. The documentation tends to use that phrase to mean more like an “active screen” - or whatever you see on your screen in the process. In that context, up and down buttons indeed scroll through the “main screen”, when it shows menu.

There is nothing on the default song screen currently that can be scrolled through, so automatic menu opening was later made just for convenience.

Good catch, though, and this may probably better be fixed in manual :slight_smile:


I assume you have watched the videos from the BeatBuddy team the beat indicator one shows how to use the navigation buttons.


Got it! Thanks for helping me to understand. As an aside, I would consider the screen with the colors and the beat counter to be the main screen. Other than that, I had a lot of fun, for hours last night. Right out of the box, at this point not even a firmware update, I don’t really know which one it has but, she sounds awesome!