Update 1.6.4 to fail!

when I launch BB manager , I get a window for a new update to
When I try to update I have a repair or uninstall choice§
When I try a uninstall He uninstall totaly
When I try a repair he don’t change anything and get the update window again
I try to uninstall all and make a clean install but nothing

Now I check for "don’t see this iupdate window again " or something

I don’t see anything about a new update on the BB site?? and redownload the new BB manager from the site and it’s the ??

Thanks to help

Just had the same experience. I clicked out as I just downloaded…from the 1.5 I was running. I will wait for the .1 to sort itself out. Excited to enter the world of one touch songs…

Sorry to hear the updater didn’t work for you. My Mac update seemed to go okay. Can’t speak for the developers but I think the intent was provide the BBWorkspace folders for first time BBM users (that did not have earlier versions of the BeatBuddy Manager installed on their computers).

As long as your 1.6.4 version is still installed and you have a workspace folder set up for your BBM, you should be alright. If this new update wiped out your 1.6.4 version, just download and reinstall it and use the BBM to set your workspace location if it prompts you to do so.

Try running 1.6.4 as Administrator, then do the update.

What additional features does have that 1.6.4 does not have?

Windows people can ignore… there is not upgrade, as this is mac only. I need to fix the auto update process to separate mac from windows. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I am a mac user. What are the features of the upgrade? I have looked and I do not see them listed.

The previous install did not have the default BBWorkspace… the new one has that. So if you already have a BBWorkspace, there’s probably not much to see

Ok thank you!

can you let it know when it’s ready?