Update premium and defult beats and drums V2 from Goran

How can I see the differents between the old and the upgrade version?

In the Standard kit for v2.0, it should include Handclaps.

Thanks…is it all?

I’m sure that’s not the only change or difference that’s been made. It’s just a simple and quick way to tell whether you got the v2.0 installed.

Listening to the drums on the BeatBuddy, the drums sound less harsh than they did before. For example, the tom toms are less aggressive and not quite as hard hitting before. Users complained about the dynamics and I think that Goran tried to resolve that. Comparing the Blues genre of the new to the older version, they sound much better. That’s just my opinion though as some users seem to prefer the older version.

I think all of the default drum sets now also include cross sticks. The Latin kit has been substantially changed.