any new beat buddy updates coming ?


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Hello there!

There is one on the way, stay tuned it is coming soon

Thanks for the question!


Hey! New to the beatbuddy but have a huge favor to ask! Could you please allow for one tap transition activation on the footswitch instead of press and hold on the main pedal? It would make it so much easier while playing wah!!! Really love it though, just got it today!!!


Many requested this feature including myself but have not been added yet so now I use midi controller.

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The Singular Sound MIDI Maestro gives you one-touch transitions. It also gives you one-touch outros. I love it! It really opens up a lot of options for your BeatBuddy.

Thanks Brennan, but we’ve been told this for months. When will it happen : one week, one month, one year ? What about the software ? Will it be ready soon ?

There is not a date I could give you but it is in progress, it has a lot of improvements and some new features so it will be worth the wait.

Thank you for the question.