Updating BB Premium Content for 2022 - Where is it?

I purchased full bundle about 2+ years ago… Had some issues updating in 2021, but they sent me a link. now trying to get 2022 and still not seeing any options for getting it. Emailed about 3 weeks ago and never got response. If anyone has any tips, please LMK. Thanks!

Usually Anthony Sostre emails subscribers to let them know updated premium content is available.

Ask your question by emailing library@singularsound.com as well as info@singularsound.com and please post back here in reply to let us know what they tell you as I’m sure other users are interested.

I purchased my 2022 “license” a few weeks ago from the SS website after having bought the full 2020 version and the 2021 upgrade. What I was told when I purchased the 2022 version was:

"Hi Bob,
there are currently no differences between the latest edition of CC2021 and the CC2022. I’ll be working on something new soon, at which point it will change. We’ll send out an email once that happens.

Goran Rista
Director of BeatBuddy Content"

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So, there’s no reason for me to purchase the upgrade from 2021 to 2022, yet?

To each their own, but technically if you have the full (and latest) 2021 version, you wouldn’t get anything “new” yet by upgrading to 2022. I did it so I wouldn’t forget, but that’s me. :slight_smile: