Updating SD Content

Good Morning,

I purchased the complete premium content SD about a month ago and just rec’d notice that Stevie Ray Vaughn beats are available. The instructions in the email I rec’d are:
> > Option #1: Re-Download the complete package (760mb)
Use this if you don’t want to use the BeatBuddy Manager to update the content and if you have not made any changes to the content on your SD Card. Once you download it (760MB), unzip the main folder to your desktop, then drag everything from within the new folder (but not the actual folder) onto your empty SD Card.

I haven’t made any changes to the content of my SD card BUT the instructions say to “drag everything within the new folder onto your EMPTY SD card”. But my SD card isn’t empty. It has the full contents of the previous premium library.

Do I have to first make my SD card empty or if I drag the entire contents of the new folder it will replace (not add to) everything on the SD card. Thanks for your help.

Since you haven’t changed anything on your SD card, drag or copy the contents from the unzipped update folder onto the top level of your SD card and accept the prompt to Replace existing files or folders.

Then use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card to open the project and then save it to your BeatBudddy workspace. You can give the project a new name.