Upgrading firmware when Mac has no card slot

Hi all…this is my first post, so be gentle.

I’m getting my Beatbuddy Thursday and have been looking all around and downloading all of the latest things like firmware and the Mac Manager software. I was reading about how to install these items and came across the part where with the firmware it says to put the card into the Mac. Well, my Mac does not have an SD card reader. As most of you probably know, many of the new computers have no CD drive, etc. that’s my situation. Just looking for info in advance on how I’d upgrade the firmware on my Beatbuddy if it needs it when I get it – or down the road. (It has to happen sooner or later, right?)

Much thanks in advance! Great forums!

Interesting that newer Macs don’t have SD card slot readers. You have a couple of alternatives though:
[]Buy an an inexpensive external USB SD card reader and use it
]Or connect your pedal to your computer via USB cable

Hey that was fast! I did not get the impression that the pedal could be connected to the Mac for this procedure. What I read made it sound like the card had to be in the computer, run the updater, then put it back in the BB. It did occur to me to simply grab a USB SD card reader but I thought “There has to be another way” for some reason. thanks so much for the quick reply. All is in harmony in the universe now. :wink: