USB for transfering files

Hello, any chance at some point in the future to enable USB file transfer? Many modern laptops come equiped with micro SD port because of their slim profiles.

Another suggestion is to think about offering an optional decksaver-like cover for the Aeros. The display is a weak part and it seems that it is not even possible to replace it, if broken.
The pedal is not cheap and it would be pitty to become unusable because of a broken screen.

Thanks for the attention and have a good and productive day :slight_smile:

A piece of plexiglass (5mm) and good tape (part on the plexi glas and on the back of the looper).
You can flip the screen easily
Strong and Cheap !


Great idea!

Beta version 5.0.0 can now be connected to the computer using a USB connection to access internal files on the device

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