User Beats "Not available right now try back later"

Oddly I successfully downloaded a couple of user files previously but now when I try to download I get a message saying “…try back later”.

Thanks persist. This is wonderful that users help others. I’ve downloaded the folders but no sound comes out of either the BB Manager or the Beatbuddy when I synchronize the SD card and insert it into the BB?

I take it that you’re referring to either Phil’s or Guitar Stu’s folders. Did you use the BBM > File > Import Folder? If you did, you may have to download their drum kits and use the BBM > File > Import > Drumset then open the Drum Sets tab and check the boxes for the kits you want the BBM to use.

So I think I did as you suggested. I opened the Drum Sets tab. Located the drum set applicable to the song (as well as all of the other drumsets) which then created checks mark beside all of the drums sets. When I try and play the drumset the “Play” greys out, the “Stop” highlights. The individual play buttons produce a sound. I then go back to the song tab and try and play the song. When I go back to the song tab and try play the Phil’s songs, they don’t play (and the same thing happens “Play” greys out, the “Stop” highlights. The presets do play and have sound.

[ATTACH]9671[/ATTACH] Using the BBM, did you change the drum set in the song itself? Also make sure that in the f/w settings of the pedal that Default drum set is set to Enable

There is no sound coming out of the user songs in the BB Manager or the BB pedal. The virtual BB pedal shown in the BB manager has a green screen with scrolling vertical lines (representing the beat). Yet still no sound. I’ve attached a screen shot of my BB Manager. Perhaps not having a .sng file is the problem? The files I downloaded from Phils are pbf (not sure what that extension means. And drum kits if needed where do I find those?

A pbf File is a folder of songs. To use it, in Beat Buddy Manager, go to File>Import>Folde. Then select the pbf File. It IS the folder.

Drumkits are available from within the Resources section of the forum. Most are housed in Dropbox accounts. Download the drumkit, unzip it if necessary, and use File>Import>Drum Set.

So Phil does that mean that if one of the songs in the folder say “Beatles…Let It Be” is showing NP Ludwig Bass that I would have to download the particular drum kit? If so how would I find that particular drum kit. The Search doesn’t seem to find this specific drum kit. Appreciate your help by the way. This is all new to me and I’ll be so happy once I have an understanding of how things work.

Basically, yes. But, two kits, NP Ludwig Bass and Standard Pro with Bass are kits that are made from Singular’s premium kits. To get the “with bass” versions, follow the instructions in the conversation that I am going to start with you.

I’ve downloaded the NP Ludwig Bass specifically for the Beatles Let It Be song from the Phil folder (Let it Be is not in the Beatles double pack I purchased from Singular). But it doesn’t seem to work (no sound). Any ideas?

  1. The song is a One Press with the song in the Outro section. When you press play to start the song, it will just cycle through the null loop in the main loop section, until you double click to end, thereby activating the outro. At the point, the song will begin to play.
  2. Verse 1 of the above song, is a single hit hat per measure, i believe, click track. You supply the the guitar or piano and vocals. At the end of that verse, the bass enters. Have patience, grasshopper.

Ah. Thank you “Master”. Hopefully knowledge will come to me soon. It doesn’t play in the BB manager does it?

Yes. It plays for me.

In B.B. Manager, try just clicking the play button on the outro itself. Or, using the virtual pedal, click on the pedal to start, then double click to trigger the outro.