Using BB to trigger .wav loops

First let me say thanks to all the advanced users posting material and offering insight with regards to the BeatBuddy pedal. The folks who are creating and then sharing their cover songs, original compositions, as well as offering direction to those of us that are technically challenged. You people are all my hero’s and I sincerly appreciate your work.

With that said I have a collection of .wav loops (M-Audio Pro Sessions 24 Jimmy Chamberlain signature drums) and I want to know is it possible to trigger loops in a .wav format with the pedal?

I was thinking a “song” could be created so that it has only one note, that note could trigger the .wav and then keep repeating that note until you need to go to the next part of the “song” then trigger another note linked to a different .wav loop?

Is this a ridiculous idea? Has anyone tried it?
If so, how did it sound? How were you able to pull it off.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to offer insight to this question.

This is a totally valid idea.
Speaking in BB terms, you want to create a custom drumset from different WAV files you have.

Well, current firmware sets pretty hard limitations on the individual WAV files:

  • 44.1kHz stereo
  • no more than 15 seconds of total length
  • no more than 2.7Mb of total size

If you can do with these limitations, then yes, this is a creative idea to try and perform with your BeatBuddy! :slight_smile:

Please forgive my lack of knowledge with regards to this line of questions…

I have determined that the loops I want to use meet the requirements Daef listed above.
The problem I am having now is this.
I created a midi file that has a single kick drum note.
I created a drum kit and made the loop the sound for the kick drum.
When I go to play it in the BB manager software it locks the software up every single time?

Ideas? anyone.

Thanks again for your help with this!

Well, if you added it as the Main Loop part, then what you describe is actually the correct behaviour - the pattern is cycled. To “unlock” the software (or simply stop cycled loop playback), just use the Stop button (it is in the top-middle part of the BBManager, just left from the big shiny Tempo horizontal slider.

If I put the loop I created with a single kick drum note into the main loop section of a new song I can hear it play the single kick if I select a pre made drum kit (one of the ones that shipped with the units software). However if I change to the kit I made with the .wav loop entered as the kick sound it doesnt play anything back. Is there a secret to triggering the wav?

Ok I have made a little progress, but I am still having a few issues.
I created a midi file with a single note.
Created a drum kit and used a .wav as the sample for the corresponding note.
It works! I can play a loop!
However when I go to add an additional loop, repeating what I did to make the first one play, but assigning it a different note on a seperate midi file as well as the drum kit, I get a very loud obnoxious unmusical noise from the program when I try to play it back from the pedal emulator.
Each loop will play within the editor, but when I attempt to try it with the simulated pedal (top left of the program) I get a terrible sounding stutter noise.

Any ideas?

Has anyone else tried this?

Interesting idea to use as a midi note triggered sampler. Sounds like the BBM VM is overloading mem/CPU on larger .wav samples. I had similar issues running BBM in an XP VM on my Mac. If it plays OK in the real BB then workaround by auditioning using DAW you are making wavs in and using BBM as filemanager only and not try to audition in BBM. Also when working with Wavs be sure to use editor Audacity/Logic etc. to have the beginning and ending of the wav sample tapered to zero to avoid rude and PA unfriendly pops by starting a wav in the middle of a sound clip.

I tested a set of wav samples made in Logic on a Mac. Each sample is 44.1, /24bit stereo, 9 seconds, 2.5mb, at 76bpm = 4bars. In Mac Beta BBM drumset maker they play correctly when added to a kit and in Logic, Ableton they loop with no issues. When the kit is used in a song in BBM that has .mids to trigger the samples BBM playback has a slapback echo sound and they must be manually stopped and don’t loop with only one note in .mid file to trigger sample. Looks like BB can’t figure out tempo maybe. Saw the below post about one midi note files causing issues and added 3 non sounding notes to the other 1 beat locations in each .mid. BBM playback is now not echoing.

When it was echoing and the project is loaded to BB and the song starts a humming type sound starts and transition adds other noises but no recognizable playback. Now is playing the clips but there are issues with choppy looping and overplaying on transitions. Maybe choke groups will help.

@Norbert Try using MIDI files with a lot of uncovered notes.

If your MIDI file contains only one note (like, 78) that should sustain for 4 bars, try using something like that instead:

(78) (0) (0) (0) | (0) (0) (0) (0) | (0) (0) (0) (0) | (0) (0) (0) (0) - 4 bars full of quarter notes.

I remember I had a very similar issue when using a file starting with the rest. Replacing that with (0) fixed everything.

Thanks for tip, havent come across the rest issue but will keep in mind. Added ghost notes to the midi patterns and seems to fix issue. When using as a sample player interactively there are issues with patterns playing over others on fills/transitions and it seems that the midi patterns triggering the samples need to exactly match the length of the sample so that they can be cut off without bumps. Realistically it is too much work to manage live triggering every sample so thinking that simple again is best. One or two (song mode) midi files that are setup to trigger all short sample patterns needed (prob 4 bars as a rule for keeping within constraints). Patterns would trigger on the one beats needed to minimize fills/transitions. Would be the hard way to do it if someone already has a DAW/Looper but if not could do it. I’m going to stick to using it to play midi notes with looper slaved to BB clock.