Using BB when drums start mid-song

Some Windows users report liking MIDI Editor. Not really sure that there’s a simple DAW. Presonus offers a free version of Studio but I didn’t think it was quite user-friendly enough.

I did try PreSonus and Reaper demo versions this week to test, but they only seem work w/ 1 measure midi files.
I tried my multi-measure midi files that I created, but neither DAW likes the multi-measure. Leaves too many blank notes.
Back to tedious editing in BB Mgr. Copy, past, insert and playback from highlighted section would be sooooooooooo helpful.

Try Reaper again. Their trial is a full version that you are asked to pay for after a time.

Is there a trick to being able to import more than 1 measure into Reaper?
My 1 measure patterns import fine, anything larger imports w/ blank notes, silence, etc…

Open Reaper, and then drag and drop the MIDI file into the first channel. Reaper may ask how you want it imported (all parts combined into a single channel or broken out into multiple channels is the big one), and it should import. I’ve never used the File menu to import MIDI files.

What is your MIDI source?

Midi Drum file from my Beat Buddy Drum Machine - created various length patterns and only the 1 bar patterns import correctly.

Based on what you’ve written in your two previous posts, I’m assuming that you created something in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), exported to MIDI and brought it into a DAW for further editing? If this is the case, it could have more to do with the BBM export process corrupting the file.

If my assumption is wrong and you’re creating the file entirely in a DAW, it would be hard to guess what’s going on without seeing the MIDI file. If you’d like to attach the file in reply, then perhaps someone could tell you what’s going on.

Yes, Created in BB Mgr and tried importing into Studio One and Reaper for further editing or combining into less parts or OPB.
Not seeing where I have the option to upload the midi files here.

I’ve had issues with “Export as MIDI,” but I don’t think my problems are your problems. If I had to guess, you are right-clicking on a part and selecting “Export MIDI file.” If that’s what you’re doing, then BBM will export the selected part. That is, if the part is a one-press song, it should export the whole thing; if it’s a multi-part song, BBM exports the selected part.

Did that resolve it?

I am only exporting a part - (a bridge or an outro) that I created in BBM but want to edit in either Reaper or Studio One. These parts are more than 1 measure, and while the @ of measures exported, imports correctly into both, most of the data (beats) are missing - long periods of silence.

Just a thought. I have had issues with files going the other direction, from a DAW into BBM. In those instances, the files were created with very short notes, which were long enough to trigger a note in the original application, but not long enough to make a sound in BBM. These were old drum machine files. To fix them, after importing into a DAW, I used the “select all” command and dragged one not to make it a bit longer. This caused the short, invisible notes to appear. Again, no idea if this will help, but it’s worth a try.

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Oooh. That’s VERY odd. Maybe try @Phil_Flood’s solution?

  • Zip the MIDI file you exported from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • Start a reply to a post
  • Drag the zip file into the main body of your post
  • (or you can press the Upload button, choose the file to upload and then press the upload button)
    Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 9.58.38 AM

You Got (309 Bytes)
You Got (267 Bytes)

Both of these files open to show full measures of midi data. Outro is 3 measures long, Bridge is 8 measures. Rather than having the problem I suggested where notes are too short to register, your notes are too long. They overlap data underneath them. This prevents the subsequent notes from triggering. That is, you have a midi on for a given note, and its midi off occurs after the midi on of a subsequent note on the same pitch.

Also, your outro ends with dead space after the last note. This usually results in BB moving that dead space to the beginning of the track. I have made edits to provide separation. These files should be able to be used in BB or in a DAW.

edits (1.5 KB)

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Building on @Phil_Flood’s observation (I’ve had BBM do that to me before as well), if it’s all drum tracks, you can take the files into Reaper, select all notes, and use (right-click) Event Properties to set all to a short duration (like 0.0.12).

Thx Phil - assuming the edits were done in DAW as the files look identical to mine in BB Mgr.
If there is a way to set duration in BB Mgr, pls let me know.

I never use the BB mgr midi editor, so I don’t know.