Using Midifils for BB

Is it possible to use midifiles to create a song? How it works to have vers, refrain, fill ins, Intro and ending. How to split the drum line to have this parts available on the BB pedals?
Can I use the bass line of this midifile?
Thank you for helping me in advance.

I assume you are researching to see whether the BB is for you.
I suggest watching the original BBM tutorial (in my sig) as that explains what you can do.
At its most basic the BB plays midi file loops which are grouped into song sections, holding down the pedal causes it to transition to the next song part - when it gets to the end it loops back to the start. The intro and outro only play once.
You will need an external program to edit midi and chop down a midi file, bass is only possible by downloading a kit with bass samples included from the forum.
Look at some of the videos and if you have further questions ask away.