Using the BB Live with a looper

I’ve read a lot of the threads about using the BB with a looper but I haven’t seen one that speaks to the issue I have… I play a lot of solo gigs and have been using a Boss RC20XL looper for many years. I use the looper only as a backing track and play lead over it, then turn it off and go back to playing live. When I saw the BB I was excited enough to buy one right away. My signal path is quite simple. Guitar into various effects to the looper and out to the PA while the BB is a stand alone unit going out to the PA as well. I start the pattern on the BB and then start playing the guitar and record the loop and store it while playing live. When I decide to play a little lead, I simply start the loop and noodle away. Unfortunately the loop and BB quickly get out of sync and it become a horrible mess. My looper does not have a MIDI port so synching via MIDI is not an option. It’s a simple setup. So any suggestions before I go out and buy another looper?

You can put the looper behind BB and record guitar and BB live into looper (with fills, transition etc…), but to sync BB to the loop you will need a Midi out and to sync the loop to BB you need Midi in…

Thanks for your reply Dennis.
I’m not interested in recording the BB into the looper because as I mentioned before I only use the looper to record (for discussions sake) a verse guitar chord progression and just turn it on when I play lead over it. So essentially I’m starting and stopping the looper without affecting the BB from doing it’s thing. So if start a BB pattern (BB is acting as a stand alone unit) and record the verse I will need to sync the looper via MIDI to the BB… that way everything stays in sync?

It should stay in sync.
Be aware, there are Loopers having a tough time with syncing (like Boss loopers), VoiceLive 3 syncs perfect, but has no Midi start/stop (and Looper cannot be controlled by Midi).
Well- tried Loopers are Boomerang and Pigtronix Infinity, but there may be more good working.

Just picked up Boomerang Looper… hopefully that will fix my issues. Thanks for your help!

I have been using a Boomerang 3 for several months - I like it and it syncs perfectly.

OK… so I got the BB PS2 to Midi cable and hooked it up to the Boomerang and it isn’t showing that it’s receiving any clock info. According to the Boomerang manual the Synch Play Style light should flash… nothing. Any suggestions?

i’m not an expert ,but I have the Pigtronix Infinity and only one midi input on the infinity
perfect sync; with the ps2 into the BB and the output midi cable of the BB into the input midi of the Infinity
The IN of the PS2 not connected.
now I think you plug the 2 in & out into the Boomerang?
Normaly the BB only send to the looper .

Still nothing! I’ve downloaded and installed the latest BB version 1.4.1 and I was hoping that that would clear up the issue but there’s still no indication that the Boomerang is receiving synch info from the BB. Starting to get frustrated.
I’ve eliminated all that I could think of… latest software versions on both the BB and the 'rang. Brand new MIDI cable and new BB synch cable. BB is set to MIDI out. I’m at a loss! HELP!!!

Either the Boomerang is defective or the BeatBuddy is.

Best way to test that is if you happen to have another device that can send Midi to the Boomerang, like OnSong or a Molten Voltage box. If the Boomerang detects that then the BeatBuddy is defective. If not, then the Boomerange is defective.

Or if you have a MIDI to computer interface you can try to send MIDI from the BeatBuddy to the computer and see if that works.

Bottom line, test both the BeatBuddy and the Boomerang with a 3rd device top see where the problem is.

If it’s the BeatBuddy we’ll replace it for you. If it’s the Boomerange, you’ll have to contact them in regards to this issue.

Thanks for your reply… I found the issue (I think). The music store where I got the MIDI cable is a BB re-seller. I bought what I thought was the correct cable but nay nay… after buying a multimeter yesterday and checking the pin-outs I’ve determined that this cable is not wired properly… compared to the wiring diagram I found on this forum. I’ve just called the music store and they are ordering the cable for me. Unfortunately it’ll probably be at least a week before it comes in. Again, thanks for your reply and hopefully the new cable works!

Okay. Let us know if you need further assistance with anything. Hopefully the correct cable will arrive sooner than later, and you can get things rolling again! :slight_smile:

I tried to build a temporary cable as I wait for the new one to come… I used the pin outs found on the forum but it didn’t work for me. Can you share exactly how your midi cable is wired?

Here you go:


Thank! Greatly appreciated!

Why won’t my BB MIDI cable plug into my Pigtronix Infinity Looper, do I need an adapter?

You need a standart Midi cable, to go from your “BB Midi cable” to Pigtronix…