Using the BB without software

I just used my BB for the first time at a gig. But to do that I had to forgo using the software and creating a set list. Reason is that I still don’t understand how. Its ridiculously confusing to me. BUT I successfully played through a twenty six song set using the BB on every one and people loved the drums. I simply had to change each song and make it what I wanted for that particular song. Between every two songs I just picked up the BB, changed the drums, changed the tempo and the style. I ran the BB through a small mixer in front of me so I could use or not use the intro. I feel most intros do not lend themselves to acoustic electric players doing solo gigs. Yes, there was the short lag time between songs as I adjusted the BB settings for the next song, but it was not much of a problem I do play sitting down which makes the adjusting easier. I keep a list of my songs for the set and after each song I wrote the drum to be used, the tempo and the style. Pretty easy. I will keep trying to find someone who can help me through the process of using the software to create set lists of songs with corresponding drums.

Hi there, doug michaels!

Glad to hear people you played for loved drums from your BeatBuddy! Looks like you are on the right track.
I agree with you on intros. This will most likely be “fixed” later, giving users an option to skip intros entirely.

So how exactly you feel the software should be improved to be more convenient for you to use?

You may find my tutorial videos helpful, it is not difficult once you know how.
Over the weakened I contemplated recording a tutorial on how to edit the files on the SD card without the software for those who have a Mac and thereby can’t use the software - but maybe another video would be more suitable.

Hi doug,
Have a look at the tutorials, they helped me and are easy to follow

Since Mr. D. asked what I would like to see on the upgrades, improvements etc on the next version, here is my one suggestion.
I play acoustic electric and sing. I am a solo gig and play on cruise ships a lot. The BB is great but its tough to find ‘calm’ enough drums for my gigs. I need some very hand percussion sounds without the extra drums going on. Like hand claps, tamborine, hand percussion in various patterns, some soft, some with bass drum. I did thoroughly go thru the BB drum patterns and makes notes of the softer ones which can work for quieter gigs. I feel that the BB was designed mostly for a large audience, concert type venue with a full band. There are not many patterns that lend themselves to restaurant, bar gigs or fund raisers indoors where there may be a lot of people but the overall volume has to remain low enough for people to talk. I would say that 80% of the patterns are not good for these venues.

Hope that gives you some feedback and I hope that you are getting a lot of this feedback so you do provide these types of drum patterns that I need. Thanks for the good support you all have given. Keep it coming.

This video would be most welcome and appreciated.

Yes indeed. I would love to know how t make playlists without the software until you create the Mac version. Thanks

I AGREE 100% with everything he said!

I think that’s close to impossible. I guessed at about 65% of the internal BBS file format, but then I got the Non-Disclosure Agreement so I can no longer spoil stuff :confused:

There is a Way to skip the Intro

There is a way to skip the Intro…I did this by accident …right before you start your song …hit the main pedal than quickly (within a beat ) hit your pause …the audience will here one beat …(could be a drummer hitting his drum happens all the time) Now …when you want your BB to start, just hit the pause button again…the BB will start without the intro…the trick is that you HAVE to know your timing…

Did you know that in the latest firmware you can set the BeatBuddy to skip the intros?

Also, if you set one of your foot pedals for taptempo, you can do a lot with your feet and reduce the amount of times you reach down.

So, that’s at least two things that can help the acoustic musician. Turn off intros in the settings for the main pedal. Set one foot button for taptempo.

I also agree. I too wish there was a more tame stock set. I am planning on purchasing the “split sticks” from Analog Drums. In their Tape Series 1 there are two other pretty tame sounding sets.

My sister commented the other day that Blues 1 slowed down sounds like an old 80’s hair band rock ballad, so huge and boomy. Yeah, we’re gonna do something about that.

I’ve been looking for some good cajon samples, but, so far, nothing very professional sounding. When I clear a few things off my plate I’ll try my hand at sampling my own percussion setup and offer the sounds here so that a drum kit can be set up.