Variations on foot switch functions

Is it possible to use the additional foot switch (beat buddy) as a one tap outro on the beats? Double tapping the beat buddy to end works, however I think a one tap ending on the foots witch would work much better!

Just practiced with my bass player, I only got the double tap right one time.

A workaround for the double tap to stop is to hit the right switch for a pause… then change songs. This also kills the outro.

Look, I see you all seem to hate double tap. It seems to be really really inconvenient. But you can actually pretty easily just count quarter notes, and tap at two consecutive counts.

Imagine 4/4 time - one - two - three - four - one - two - THREE - FOUR - (full outro is queued if you have Fill Queue set to no more than about 50%).

It’s very easy and full outro usually sounds great.

Nobody said they hated it. Just looking for an easy solution because it is awkward to double tap the pedal rather than just tapping any button. It would seem like an easy fix too. I’d rather have the option to outro than take it out of my music completely. As a moderator, I’d think you would understand that and I would hope that David Packouz would take these recommendations in. The overall goal for me is to use the product to make the best music I can. What better advertisement for his company is that?

Fixed the quote in the post above. You are absolutely correct in that as an end user it is you (and many others) that should be able to use the pedal and it should be as convenient as possible. Adding an option to an external footswitch is definitely not that hard at all (though it will still need some extra time to make sure the firmware is bullet-proof!).

First, I am simply stating that while more options is better, the software could reach the point where there is too many options available (like imagine 40 options!). Still you have only 2 footswitches available for them. if you have any suggestions on how to “pack” as many features as possible in these conditions - please go ahead and share! :slight_smile:
Second, while there is no such an option (outro on external footswitch tap), I advice a workaround on how to make triggering outro not so painful.

I think it should be able to controlled by a MIDI device. then problem solved.

Well, but BeatBuddy is already able to be stopped by a MIDI Master device!

It’s a good idea. The only downside is that you would sacrifice one of the other footswitch functions and that too many options in the settings might confuse people. But it’s something we’ll keep in mind, and we may add it in a future firmware update.