Voicelive touch 2 midi

Hi ive just purchased the touch 2 but cant appear to get the unit to work changing when i play chords. its getting a midi signal. i have turned prog change off happy with same midi channel. just does seem to trigger anything when i play the keyboard and sing at the same time. i consider myself pretty good with programming gear, but this has got me stumped considering there is little midi options. my keyboard is a kronos and i dont think its a setting on its global setup as i have other gear in my home studio normally going into it. the effect is simply wired in out mike into my desk and then midi out from kronos to the effects. again midi is received but dont seem to do anything other than prog change which is now turned off. the manual and inline dont seem to tell me much.
thanks for any help before i consider sending it back. ps drove my family mad for a good few hrs last night trying to get it to work. just singing into it appears to be perfect. but not the best singer and want to midi it up
thanks again

What is the Beat Buddy tie-in here?

Some computer programs that have limited MIDI functionality will send out Program Change messages for no apparent reason. These are essentially invisible and there is likely no explanation that can be found.
This could be true of some hardware devices and might be what is happening in your case.
Do whatever you can to isolate the components of your setup into different, separate channels so that a MIDI message does not have to pass Thru or In to a device for which the message is not intended.
Stay away from channels 10 and 11 for all but drumming commands, because that’s what those channels are typically reserved for.
For instance, if there is no particular need to send MIDI signals In to a foot controller, then don’t. If the controlled device needs to sync to MIDI clock from another source, then use a MIDI merge box with the foot controller going In one side and the clock source In the other side, then Out to the controlled device. MIDI Start, Stop, Clock does not (or at least should not) require channel-matching between devices, so don’t worry about trying to keep all of your synced devices on the same channel.