Volume Level Of Song Too Low

It’s about a song, which contains several percussion instruments (tracks). The tracks are balanced among each other.
It turns out that the volume level of the song is too low. But I don’t want to increase each note individually by 30 percent, that’s a huge amount of work. Is there a possibility in Beatbudy-Manager to raise the overall level by 30 percent.
I also did it with Mix-Padel (a software where you can read in MIDI files, edit them and then save them as MIDI files. I guess you can raise the volume in this softwar, when you save it to the MIDI file everything is like before. Can someone offer me a solution? Many thanks in advance.


Agree—it’s really hard to change velocity note-by-note using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor.

Although there are probably other methods for increasing volume coming out of the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal (mixer), if you are comfortable using a DAW, this would be the easiest way to select a line of MIDI (or all of the notes in the file) and raise the velocity by a percentage or specific number up to 127. If you are not familiar with using a DAW, it won’t be the quickest method though.

You can try Reaper for free and decide if it’s worth buying. There are other DAWs out there as well for Windows and macOS. MIDI Editor gets good reviews from Windows users for its simplicity.

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Thank you for your answer. You agree, there ist no solution with BeatBuddy Manager but there must be a solution with a DAW.