volume low on 1/4 L/R outpt

im I the only one that find the volume output of the 1/4 L/R too low ?
I connect the 1/4 L/R output to my scarlett 6i6 back input

any tips for this ?

Email me at support@mybeatbuddy.com - I’ll replace it for you.

Is the 1/4 output at line level or Instrument ?

I was under the impression that those outputs should be going to some sort of amplifier. I never expect the BB to be amping those up

Line level.

Does the 1/4 LR output and input are balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) ?

I suspect they are unbalanced TRS. I resently go myself a Whafedale PM1 speaker and found the BeatBuddy was very quiet and the volume had to be almost on full on both to make it useable.

I also found the volume is TOO LOW when I connect BB to my PA system through TRS balanced cables(L/R).

Although I have played well so far with using a 1/4 unbalanced TS cable, just wondering that whether BB can’t support stereo output… as I hope I can use Line 3/4 channel on my mixer for my BB…

There are two 1/4 output jacks on the BB, one for the left channel, one for the right. Use a TS cable to connect both channels to your mixer and you will have stereo. The output jacks are mono for each channel so don’t use TRS cables on them.

Much appreciate it!!!

We interface to the mixer through DI boxes to a digital snake to a digital mixer. The DI boxes have enough pads that we don’t have a problem getting the signal levels right.

At home, I run my BB into the line inputs of a small 8 channel mixer then into my guitar or bass guitar amp. Never had an issue with getting enough volume out of the BB.