Volume not loud enough: Mesa Boogie

I play through a Mesa Boogie Mark V and have the BeatBuddy in the FX loop. I crank up the power section to get that signature Mesa tone. The only problem is that the volume of the guitar overpowers the BeatBuddy no matter what I do. Is there a way to make it louder?

We set the volume level to be around the same as an MP3 player output. This was to avoid overpowering normal speakers.

You will get a much better sound if you plug the BeatBuddy into a PA system or your home stereo system.

The beat buddy is sold as a pedal, so expectations are that it should perform great as a pedal.
I too think that its volume is too low to be great in an effect loop. It’s serviceable but not more. I don’t have a PA and use it into a looper, so the PA answer is a bit of a cop out.