Volume R+L via midi cc

with midi cc108 i can setup the volume of outgoing signal to both channels right and left.
Im searching for a solution to setup r+l channel seperately because at channel L i have my drumkit and on channel R i have my bass.

Is it possible to make this with midi cc?

Pretty sure the answer is no.

what a pity it would have been nice

Hi 897- Per chance do you have a complete kit that sends to one channel L and R separating the Bass and drums. I think I saw one but it was missing a couple of toms. Lastly How do you like that. Does it sound alot better being able to adjust the volume of the bass and drums? Thanks

i dont know that the kit is complete but its okay for me. i posted it already here in the forum and i like it because i have two seperate channels for my mixer and i can edit the bass channel to give more bass and loudness without effecting the drums.

I like it and i wouldnt miss it !