Wagon Wheel


Same Tempo as Old Crow Medicine Show. Same beat they use, works well for me, let me know what you think.

Recorded a jam with this song.


I was using Vibe4Philo’s BB setting …
Wagon Wheel (Country Tune) - Country 1 - 130 Bpm
upped the tempo to 140 …
just checked yours out … much ‘snappier’ at 144 bpm …
good job ! ( I added a 12…1234 intro count to yours, from another posting).


Can you upload the 12…1234 intro midi file for me? I will gladly add it to this song :slight_smile:


Here’s your song back with intro, (had to zip it)


Original file uploaded with a 2 bar intro :slight_smile: I changed them to hats, if anybody wants a bass drum intro, they can grab yours. I’m all about freedom of choice :slight_smile:


I like what you are doing, this is all new to me. How are you changing the beat tracks?
are you doing this within the bb manager or in a different software?


I’m writing my own beats from scratch using Logic Pro 9. Exporting them to MIDI, then importing them into the BB Manager from there. If you want any of the beats I make just let me know, I will gladly upload them in a zip file so you can edit away in any MIDI editing software you can figure out. I had never programmed midi before I started adding my setlist to the beatbuddy. It was a MASSIVE learning curve!!! If I hadn’t been a professional drummer most of my life, I think I would have given up, luckily I can play all these songs already, so it’s just a matter of figuring out how to program what I’m playing :slight_smile:


That’s good to know, this is massive learning for me. My son does the learning and playing mostly country at gigs and this bb pedal that we gave him for Christmas is awesome. We are both primitive at computer stuff, so any help is good for us. I have uploaded a few of your songs and they sound great, but Jordan have to get more comfortable with the pedal. He is only 19 but he plays acoustic and the harmonica as well, a good combination.
I could send you the list of songs he plays and maybe there are some you do as well.
meanwhile I will check out Logic Pro 9.


I found a free midi editor called Speedy Midi … edits, writes, saves … I can get intro’s but, when it comes to main beats I’m not sure how to include the ‘events’ … the learning curve is a 360 …lol


You won’t be able to check out logic pro 9 unless you find a used copy on ebay, AND own a mac :slight_smile: If you own a mac, check out Logic Pro X, but it is 200 bucks. I’m sure there are cheaper choices, but I doubt easier, logic is AWESOME for people like me that just want to use it and move on. If you own a mac, I bet Garage band would actually work just fine, and it comes free with every mac. I haven’t even opened it though, so I’m guessing :slight_smile:

My setlist is on my bands website, check it out www.pawvertyflats.com. If there is anything else on there he plays, let me know and I’ll move it up in my priority and get it done. This is a time consuming process if ever there were one!

Also, I’m getting used to the pedal as well, and I’m having some challenges with getting transitions right, especially ones with accents on the beginning of a measure, so I may end up redoing them and adding an extra measure in at some point, I dunno, learning as I go :slight_smile:


Garage band apparently doesn’t export to midi. I’ve been using Mixcraft 7 as my midi editor. Never even really spoke about midi before the beatbuddy, so I completely understand the learning curve! Mixcraft was about $89 or so. It’s not bad… first midi editor I’ve ever used, so I can’t compare to anything else, but it is definitely allowing me to program my own beats which is cool. Good luck Larry Brown.


I just replaced our old computer which is windows, and I downloaded Anvil Studio. It looks fairly simple to make some tracks but I’m not sure if it sound as real as BB?
Thanks everyone for their suggestions, I’ll will keep learning.


You appear to be correct. I just paid the 4.99 for garage band and installed the fancy version, will only export to .aif files. Which would require conversion. Certainly not easy…


You can always use Queue Period. If you set it to as low as 50%, you would be able to begin holding a pedal for super clean transition on the next bar as early as half of a current bar. But remember, you will need to release the pedal after the next (queued transition) bar starts. Otherwise you will get a no-transition next song part on the next bar (instead of a queued transition). This can be useful at times.
Well, such powerful features always come with complications :slight_smile:

Out of sync placement of fill within measure when pressing pedal

Yes exactly! I have been playing with the queue period a lot. I need to decide which way works best for me, then stick with it. In order to use this pedal live I have to pick settings and stay with them long enough to develop muscle memory. And it is NOT natural to hold a pedal down for a transition and release at a specific time, at least for me.

The thing that is taking the most practice for me is transitions that are longer than 1 measure. If you release the button, the beat buddy will cut the transition short. I have one that is 3 measures long, check out the version of The Race Is On that I uploaded. The transition does a boom crash, then a 1 measure pause, then 2 measures of just the bass drum, then back into the normal beat. If I forget and release the button to early, the normal beat comes in 2 measures early. Not show stopping, but not great either. After I’ve done it 100 times, it will be muscle memory I am sure :slight_smile: