Waltz Folder

Unzip, then import the folder. Contains several 3/4 songs.

I get an error “Missing Accent Hit Effect” during import. Help please. Thanks.

The different versions of the manager software aren’t backwards compatible, which is unfortunate. This will have been created with one of the first versions.

Upgrading the BBManager should fix this.

My computer is asking me “what program would you like to use to open this rar. file with” could anyone help me with this?

If you’re using a Mac, I recommend UnrarX from this link: http://www.unrarx.com

If you’re using a PC Stuffit Expander should also work. There are other free apps out there as well.


persist “Google should be your best friend along with this forum’s Search function”

You can download the 7-Zip file right here from Beat Buddy which seems to work fairly well. So far, I have been able to unzip everything from Beat Buddy and beyond.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

is this waltz.rar file still available ?

How does one do this? I’m a new newbie. Can’t see any option here to download? Also any way to listen/preview before committing to a download?

Hi Ralph, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately files uploaded to the old forum were lost in 2017.

When migrating to this new forum, the posts were copied over but there are no file links. The only way to get the files are to post a reply and hope the original poster or someone else who may have the files can re-upload them.

In terms of a preview, there’s no way of doing that for beat buddy content directly.

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Thanks for the prompt and informative reply. I’ll search around.


Where could i find nice subtle brushes, rim shots as per “That’s all right mama”, and other laid back beats? Gentle brushes.
Ive seen the jazz brushes package (which require the Beat package as well!!but, too complex, need simple beats.