Wanting to use OnSong to control BeatBuddy song selection

Hey all. I’ve decided I want to use OnSong or similar to control the BeatBuddy in relation to song selection. Clicking through 100+ songs using a pedal (especially a noisy one like the SS footswitch) is just not practical. I can bend over after each song to select it which at my age isn’t the best. So I’m looking at using OnSong to control it.

My pedal setup is the BeatBuddy as a 2 channel output (bass on one channel, drums on the other) running stright to the mixer. The BB controls the MIDI sync into my Aeros, which then daisy chanins again to a HX Stomp. All fairly basic and runs well.

So, from my research what I need to connect this to my iPad with OnSong is a Bluetooth Midi wireless adapter and a Midi 1in/2 out thru box? So this will let OnSong speak to the BB and still allow the Midi Sync from the BB flow through to the Aeros and HX Stomp? Tell me if I am wrong here.

These are the devices I am looking at getting (I am in Australia and this is a local music store)

Xvive MD1 Bluetooth Wireless Midi Adapter
Midi Solutions 2 out Thru Box

The other thing I need to do, I use the iPad as the controller for a Behringer XR18 digital mixer which is run through WiFi. I figure running this with OnSong through the BB at the same time should not be an issue as one is BlueTooth and the other is WiFi?

I hope all this makes sense. I think I am correct but would like someone to give me the thumbs up before I pull the trigger.

Cheers guys! :+1:

The cable on that wireless adapter looks to be mighty short. Will it reach both the Midi Solutions box and the Singular adapter cable when it is in place? Take your BB pedal and Singular midi adapter cable to the store and see if it physically can be connected. Otherwise, yes, your thoughts are correct as to the types of gear that are needed.

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It is possible to set bass on one side and drums to another?? I didn’t know. How do you do that?? Thanks

It’s a fair point and I think the image is a little deceiving. Looking at the other photos of it on the site it shows the cable to be longer. I can also get the Yamaha MD-BT01’s which the cable looks a similar length (?) but the body of the cables look larger.

Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Adaptor

And thanks for confirming what I was thinking. :+1:

I used Cubase to edit the sound files and panned the drums left and the bass to right. Then I run them as separate inputs into the mixer. Drums through the left output channel and bass through the right output channel.

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I didn’t know that the daws pan changed when going to the pedal. reaper does too? but I have to take instrument by instrument(snares, kicks and etc) and pan?

Yes, I’m sure Reaper would do it. Unfortunately there is no quick way to do it. You have to load each sound individually one at a time and change them. Depending on your software you could probably set up a macro to make it quicker?

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Yes, yes can always get a little cable and and coupler, if need be.

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