Wav loops

Hey all,

Is it possible / in the works to have WAV files instead of midi files?

I would love to have my pre made loops: intro, verse, chorus, outro etc useable in the Beat Buddy pedal format.

I have used MacBook w/ Ableton, but having it all loaded in my Beat Buddy would be magnificent - make life much easier for setup / gigging etc.

Would love to hear of any other options out there that do what I’m after.


Sounds like you’re after a looper…not a BeatBuddy…

You know of a looper that lets you change between WAV files on the fly? Have fill loops, double tap to activate end loop etc etc… please, enlighten me!

Trent, probably not gonna happen with the BeatBuddy because of the file size difference between midi (takes up Kb) and wav (takes up Mb). Midi allows greater flexibility and control and in a smaller format. Maybe this can become food for thought as Singular Sound develops a looper. I’m not holding my breath for any time soon though :smiley: