Western Swing


i enjoy Texas Swing music. Haven’t been able to find a kit that works in my BB for this music yet. Anybody have any ideas?


Check Country 8, it might be useful. Also if you keep the drum pattern real simple like Country 6 you can add the swing feel with other instruments and vocals.
Also for now you can search the internet for a MIDI swing patterns (there are thousands of free MIDI files) and it can be used by BB once we get the manager software. You might also be able use the MIDI drum part from some Big Band Swing. You might have to do a little MIDI editing.


I can’t believe 47 people looked at a Western Swing post.


Like Jazz, its just good stuff! :slight_smile:


I can’t believe a Western Swing post has only 84 views!


I’m trying… I need some help here. No fills or trans yet, just two main parts for verse and chorus.


The fact that so many people looked at a post about a Western swing beat means that there’s significant interest and there’s a lack in the stock beats. :slight_smile:

Has anyone created the fills for this one yet?


Some people like me are just interested on what is being said - personally I don’t have a clue what is meant by a “western swing”, but then again I don’t know what genres many of the beats I play are or what they are called. when it comes to the Beatbuddy “If it works, I will use it”. What makes one beat “Rock”, “Country” or “Blues”? This could be a whole other discussion?


I’ve got my version of your beat up to 135 bpm so far, 12…1234 intro
with a crash on the pedal & fills from everywhere …the ‘heinz 57’ version .
You’ve created a monster ! :wink: