What do you want to see FIXED in a BBM revision? BUGS ONLY PLEASE

There are LOADS of bugs in BBM. And it’s been forever since it’s been revised. What bugs would you like to see fixed? BUGS ONLY PLEASE. Use my other thread for suggestions for new stuff. Try to number your stuff in sequence to this one.

  1. please fix the directory structure. Modifying drum kits (renaming etc) OFTEN screws up the workspace and leads to infinite nesting layers
  2. drum kit editor is very buggy
  3. copy/paste doesn’t work consistently

Now it’s your turn.

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In what instances does copy+paste not work consistently? Can you provide (either here or in PM) examples of where this happens?

Every so often, the copy/paste commands do not respond. In that case, the .sng needs to be “deselected” then reselected . As I said, completely inconsistent, no noticeable pattern.

  1. When you play in the midi editor, maintain the vertical scroll position. At the moment if you have Drums + Bass + etc, you scroll down to the notes that you want to add, add them, but then when you play, it immediately scrolls back to the top, so you can’t see what you’ve just added being played.
  2. Make the mouse scroll button in the Midi editor scroll vertically not horizontally (or at least have that as an option). Scrolling horizontally with a vertical movement seems very counter intuitive.
    I think both these “bugs” are really features that have only become problematic with larger drum kits and Drum + etc.