What is a "Project", exactly?

When using BeatBuddy Manager, I’ll see the term “Project” used here and there. From what I can tell, “Project” means “The entire contents of the SD card”, but I suspect it’s a bit more specific than that.

What is a “Project”, exactly?

Look at our tutorial, it covers this right in the beginning. :slight_smile: Check it out: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/tutorial-for-bbmanager-version-1-5-0.4301/

Sorry to dig up an old thread but seemed to make sense rather than start another. I’m not sure I understand the concept of a project or rather the intended purpose of one and the tutorial doesn’t really cover this.

To me the idea of projects is you have many, you work on them for different purposes etc. With the BB though, it seems it’s just a name, you had to call the contents of the SD card something and it became “project”. Is there more to it than that, are projects intended to help us to organize our content somehow? It seems the folders really do that so I don’t see the need for multiple projects but maybe I am missing something.


Each SD card can hold only one project but you can have as many projects on your computer as you want.

A project is a collection of folders, songs, and drum kits.

You can make projects for special occasions or purposes or genres or different bands you play with etc.

You COULD save a bunch of projects on your computer but remember that it will be saving individual copies of what’s in each project. It could eventually use alot of memory. You could also save multiple SD cards with different projects on them if you needed completely different sets of everything. It wouldn’t ever be from running out of memory on a single card though. The 4gb that comes with it holds ALOT. I just bought a 16gb high speed card today so I had a backup but I doubt I’ll save different projects on them.

The BBManager won’t let you save more than one project on an SD card.

It’s the drum sounds that take up the most room. If you limit the drum kits in each project to just those you need in that project, you shouldn’t have a memory problem. I have a bunch of drum kits in my main project so it’s using a decent amount of that 4Gb.

The BBManager has a separate check box to make a drum kit active. I don’t know if that was intended to keep the project size down by allowing you to deselect drum kits.