When asking for help

If you are having issues and need help, please post to the Technical Support forum.

Provide as many details as you can e.g.,

  • Mac or PC and which version of the OS you are using;
  • Identify the BeatBuddy Manager version, and;
  • Firmware version;
  • Describe as clearly as you can what the symptoms of your problem are;
  • Describe the steps you’ve taken to fix the problem;
    (NOTE: simply stating that you are “using the latest version” does not help)

After you’ve posted to this forum and while you are waiting for a reply, use the Search function for terms that describe your problem, such as “bricked pedal,” etc.

If you are absolutely dead in the water, send an e-mail to support@singularsound.com

Your problem can be resolved. You just need to be patient. And one last thing: if your problem gets resolved, please follow up to your original post and let us know what was wrong and how it was fixed.