When the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) doesn’t launch in newer versions of the macOS

UPDATED 11/20/2021

When the BBM doesn’t launch in macOS in Big Sur or Monterey

If you find that these solutions don’t work, please contact Support, support@singularsound.com for help and tell them which version of the macOS you are using. This banner is locked to avoid cluttering the forum. I’m also locking previous threads and posts on this topic.

Please download and read this updated version (11/20/2021)
BeatBuddy Manager fails to launch r3.pdf (296.5 KB)

NOTE: The notarized version of the BBM should help macOS users get the BBM up and running but I’m not sure if it will help macOS users that are having problems exporting their project to their SD card. If this is the case, I’m working to consolidate instructions to another thread.