When to press pedal in premium content

Hey guys I’m a new user, and still learning. I downloaded some premium songs, but I’m kind of trying to learn in a trial and error manor on when to press the pedal and advance to the next part of the song. Is there a guide for this or any threads? Thanks.

I haven’t seen any guides to this, and when you should request a change will also be affected by the setting on the pedal (there are settings for everything from “Immediately” to “Start of next bar,” IIRC). Generally, if you step on the pedal when you think the roll should start and release before the end of the roll, you should be fine.

The thing is, don’t overthink it. You will very likely feel where the roll into transition should start and stop. But, if not, and you want to count, start the transition (usually) at the start of the third beat pf the bar (assuming 4/4 time) and release just after the 4 and before the 1.

Does that help at all?

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Awesome thanks. I was learning songs I already knew, I just had to learn when to long press to get to the next section of the song.