When 'USB DEVICE CONNECTED' the BB goes silent


Just did the v2.0 content update, via BB Manager (BBM).
The BB is connected to my PC via USB.
BBM seems to talk to the BB fine, and when I unplug the USB I see the Song directories on the BB, and can choose songs and play them.

However, when the USB is connected ( display: USB DEVICE CONNECTED ) I cannot hear the BB at all. Whether I seek to start it by stepping on it, or whether I try to play via the BBM ‘Play’ button, I only get silence. This all used to work perfectly, as I recall, but not now. Hmmm.

If it matters, I have the SS Footswitch connected to the BB also.

So, what could be wrong, and what can I do about it?

My thanks to anyone who can provide information here!

When your pedal is connected via a USB cable to your computer, your computer sees it as an external drive.

Yes. Does that mean the BB is expected to go silent until the USB is disconnected?

Correct, the BB pedal will not be available to play until disconnected.

OK, thanks!

As it turns out, not being able to hear playback from BB Manager was a separate issue (had to reboot my audio interface!).

I was remembering being able to work with and hear BB Manager while the BB was connected via USB and mis-remembering by thinking that the BB itself was producing the sound at that time.

I much appreciate your quick reply, you may have saved me a whole afternoon of going nuts about it!

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I use a tablet for lyrics and had planned on using the software to control the beatbuddy, call up a beat, and press play. Play along. But, that’s not how it works. I call up the the beat and then unplug it to use the beatbuddy. Is that correct?

That’s certainly a technique however, there are other methods that avoids connecting & disconnecting the USB cable between the pedal and the tablet for every song.

This involves some more peripherals including the Singular Sound MIDI Sync Adaptor, MIDI patch cable and a MIDI to USB interface.

Here’s an example connecting OnSong to the BB. http://onsongapp.com/store/beatbuddy/ and if you search this forum a little more, you should be able to find how users interface their various devices.

I use a surface pro. I do not use an iPad. What can I do?

What song software are you using?


Wordpad is a word processor (lite) and if it can’t send MIDI control messages I’m not sure I can help you.

Perhaps somebody else here on the forum has a suitable app that they’re using on their Surface Pro and can share their configuration?