Where are my songs being saved to?

Ok, I am all screwed up now! I haven’t been successful working with the BeatBuddy for years. However, I thought I would give it a final try and have had some success now figuring out how to use it, create songs etc.

But… I must be missing something here.

I want to change the INTRO to one of the songs I am working on but can’t find where the MIDI files are stored for BBM. I have 3 folders in my DOCUMENTS on my PC:
BBWorkspace BAK

Each of these folders contain the follow 2 sub folders:

Each of those 2 folders contain the following sub folders

However, all of those sub folder are blank!

Where are all the MIDI files, wave files, song files etc being kept?

The waves get stored all over your computer’s hard drive with no logic or reason, sometimes getting embedded a hundred folders deep in some illogical location.

The midi files are subsumed into the .sng. They can be exported from a song in Beat Buddy manager, if you have one of the versions of BBM that actually allow proper midi export. You can export a song from BBM to any location you want.

The files contained within the BB Workspace should be viewed as system files and should not be manually manipulated. Doing so will eventually cause a crash with data loss within your BB data.

And, if all that sounds like a real mess, it is. We have asked Singular to fix these and other BB Manager issues for 2+ years, with nothing of note officially released. There is a beta that does properly export midi files.

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According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeatBuddy , the BeatBuddy was on the market on or about 2014 and now 5 years later the key software to manage the songs and samples still needs tweaking to bring it closer to being a truly finalized product. I sincerely hope it doesn’t take 5 years to iron out issues that folks are presently seeming to have with the Aeros or when the MIDI Maestro that’s being shipped in the near future. I had been considering a purchase of the MIDI Maestro, but with how the BB evolved and the faltering roll out of the Aeros, I’m putting any consideration of purchase on hold.

Yeah, I haven’t fully figured out the methodology of where files and folders get put, but I’m somehow lucky and it mostly comes together in the end :upside_down_face: .

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Ok, that didn’t quite answer my question however.

Yes, I am aware of when the BeatBuddy came onto the market. I purchased it many months prior to it actually being released. I’ve never been able to use it until possible now. However, this still does not answer my question.

I have 3 workspace folders with blank subfolders. How can I determine where my projects, sng and midi files are actually stored?

I’m not trying to move BB system files. That’s not the question.

If you have a folder of MIDI files you may have pulled a MIDI file from there and used it in a BB song and it may not necessarily be in a folder within the BBWorkspace (at least this is the way it seems to work for me.
My Project files are in the ‘user_lib > projects’ in the folder structure below. It is possible you may have setup the BBM to save elsewhere(?). Do a search on your drive(s) for one of the project names and see where it shows up. Other files may be there as well.
My drum WAV files are in the ‘user_lib > wave_sources’
When I first got my BB and set up the manager there wasn’t particularly good guidance from the documentation as to how to do it. I probably should do a rebuild at some point to organize things a bit better.
As Phil had said, “The waves get stored all over your computer’s hard drive with no logic or reason, sometimes getting embedded a hundred folders deep in some illogical location.” and this has been a source of frustration for me as well.

Let me try this again … How can I determine WHERE my BeatBuddy projects, files etc are stored?

OK, nevermind. I figured it out.

And for those of you that haven’t figured out where to find your BeatBuddy project, hover over the Project Explorer and it should display tool tip with the full path to the project that you have open in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

But—big “but” here—don’t use your computer’s OS to alter or try to open any files within the bbworkspace folder or subfolders. If you’re going to go mucking about in your bbworspace folder, quit the BBM first.

And to answer your original question and since the Export to MIDI file does not work in the official releases of the BBM, your MIDI files to the default BeatBuddy songs are here. Do not edit these files directly; best to copy and paste or drag a copy to your desktop and work on it there.
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I never stated I wanted to edit the midi files. Where are you guys getting this?? I also stated that I figured out where the files where. I also stated that in the the folders I listed there were no files within them.

With that said…and again… I figured out where everything is and I have successfully changed the intro to a song I am working on.