Where can I order a replacement power supply?

What is the part number and how can I order a replacement power supply for the Beat Buddy? The cable on the power supply is very thin and I want to have a back up power supply just in case it fails.

You will need to contact support@mybeatbuddy.com

Thank you, I just sent them an email. It should be something that is easy to do from their web site.

The Beat Buddy power supply is a 500ma (if I remember correctly) 9V center negative so you should be ok using most pedal power supplies or something like a VooDoo labs Power Plus.


Sent e-mail to tech support several days ago but no reply. My power supply recently stopped working. I have another 1000ma 9V supply that works but it is now very noisy (hum and hiss where there was none before). Has anyone else experienced this? Nothing else has changed with my rigs.

I would like to get a replacement power supply like the original. Is this possible?


DO NOT use any power supply that has a higher voltage rating than the one that came with your pedal. You risk damaging your pedal by doing so. Although 1000mA shouldn’t cause any issues with your BB, feedback from some BeatBuddy users reflects problems similar to yours with noise when using a power source different than what came with their pedal. This could be attributable to using non-isolated power (daisy chain power source), incorrect or poorly fitting input plug, or frayed insulation from your power source to the pedal. Sometimes it’s caused by radio frequency interference from cell phones, fluorescent lights or dirty power sources. To troubleshoot, you would have to start eliminating each variable as a source.

Support is probably backed up and that’s why you have not heard from them yet. Check your e-mail spam/junk folders to make sure any reply didn’t land there. I have tagged @BeatBuddy_Support and if they haven’t replied already, they will as soon as they can.

@Drill-Head I do not see an email from you from the email address on your account. Did you use a different email? Just to confirm that you sent it to the right place, please email support@singularsound.com and we will take it from there.

I used the contact page on the Singular Sound site.
New e-mail sent. Thank you.

@persist , 9V is the voltage, same as the original PSU. I am aware of the causes of noise you mentioned and none of them are it. Haven’t changed anything with my rigs EXCEPT this PSU. No frayed cords or daisy chaining here. Just the same set up with a different PSU. I actually haven’t used it but a couple of times because of the noise issues. I’m kind of an audiophile and the extra noise is very annoying so I have been using my SDrum pedal and other drum sources whilst I try to replace the original PSU.

Thanks again!

I am now in contact with Jay from BeatBuddy’s Road crew. Thanks for the support guys I really do appreciate it.


Hats off once again to the Singular Sound support team for the BEST SERVICE EVER!

You folks ROCK! Thanks for the assist!!!

Hello. Curiously enough, my BB started exhibiting a very noticeable -though intermitent (comes and goes for short or long periods)- white noise a couple of days ago. I have not done any changes to my setup recently so this is driving me crazy.

My BB was one of the first 500 units produced and didn’t come with a power supply; I got mine (9 V, 500 mA) from Amazon years ago. I read about other users having this problem and some pointed to the power adaptor but I tried with two other adaptors (same specs) and that didn’t solve the problem. One user opened his and soldered a wire between the output conectors and the chasis and it solved his problem. I opened mine today but decided to just clean the contacts. I also found a very small piece of thin cardboard inserted between two circuit boards, which I took out because the boards were not in contact (not that I thought this was causing the problem but just to see what would happen)
Nothing. Right now, the noise is not there but it surfaces without even touching the BB.

Anyway, any ideas, suggestions, help?!