WHERE is my SD card???

I have the BB plugged into with the lil cord, to the Usb in front of my computer. The card is in the pedal. I went to “my computer” & for Removable devices …it just has a Letter “H” ,I ,& K & None of them show my SD card in them, where else would I find the SD card ? Its plugged infront into the USB yet I cant save my BB project cuz I cant locate the SD card. …Help?

Do you use a Mac? Yes, you will need an SD card reader or SD slot? No, have you tried a different USB port? Are you using the supplied USB cable?

I never plug my BB into my mac directly. I take the sd card out of it, cause my mbpro takes the sd card directly. I have no issues syncing my bb Manager with that sd card.

(just saying what works for me)

@NAME NAME NAME NAME How do you determine if one of the drives is your SD card or not? On Windows, it visually looks like the same as any other drive.
A correct drive (that is your SD card) contains (at least) four content folders - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS.

I have windows Vista …Its a tiny SD card which I plugged directly in front of my computer that says “SD card” I also used it using the supplied Usb cord with the SD card put back in the pedal & sill no luck. -wish It would just automatically find the SD card because I hit Syncronize & the window pops up asking where its being saved to …but the area down below asking what file name to name it is where I am Stumped. Seems it should automatically just find the BB card & Sync it to it.

Finding an SD card is not as trivial as one may think. The algorithm can easily end up choosing the wrong USB device and sync to it.
Especially, if you first format your SD card you want to use with your BeatBuddy. It is just like any other USB flash drive. That’s why you should choose it manually.

Currently, there is no way to tell the BeatBuddy SD card from any other. But we will think about what can be done in the future.
Just from the top of my head - if BeatBuddy employed a special ‘super duper’ SD card that could automatically be found in the system would you buy that? What is the price range that you can dedicate to getting that sort of an SD card?

Getting back to your issue of “finding” the SD card on you computer, here are a couple of thoughts.

What are those drives? What happens if you open them? It could be that you have no more drive letters available. Can you map a drive and see what drive letters are available?

Have you watched the following tutorial video on how to install the manager software and import the project from the SD card? For a short while in the video you see the Beatbuddy SD card, to give you an idea what you are looking for.


If you don’t see it on your computer then could you try with another SD card e.g a digital camera, Unusually windows will pop up a box asking if you would like to open the SD card. Maybe your SD card slot is faulty we need to ensure this works before proceeding. The Beatbuddy with the SD card in should also behave like an external drive. Ensure the BB is powered on and it should attempt to install the device. If it doesn’t then we need to check with another device eg a digital camera or phone connected via USB to ensure your computer is working correctly.

If all that works fine could you…
With the SD card inserted open the “computer” icon on your desktop and take a take a screenshot showing your the drives on your computer C D etc… drives also do the same with the BB connected by USB.

Connect the SD card to your computer. Open up the ‘My Computer’ / ‘Computer’ - it should be on your desktop and it has a computer icon. Put the window in the middle of your screen and take a screenshot. Make sure that all your drives are visible, they will be most likely on the left side of the open window. I want to see what is happening here. There is a possibility that it just has a different drive letter, goes by a different name (such as ‘SD Card’ or ‘Removable Device’), or in the extreme case - your computer is missing a driver and can’t the SD card. Regardless of which of those options it is, please post a screenshot.

I have found the drive where the SD card is …when I hit Import/export OR Syncronize .it gives me an option where to save it to …so I choose the correct drive It shows DRUMS,SONGS,a few letters & data I think Should I doubleclik the DRUMS so it opens them up & THATS where I save to? (save meaning overwrite)
Not sure what to do at that point once the drive box opens & it shows whats there.

Now you can follow the tutorial videos. You just select the SD card don’t open any folders.

Theres a blank area where it says “File name” …do I just make up a name?

You have done this all backwards. You should have opened the project from the SD card and in the process it would have copied it to your workspace. As it is you have downloaded the SD card back up, made changes and now need to export that project back to the SD card - this is why it feels so counter intuitive.
So yes give it a name any will do, the default used to be “current project” and get it copied to you SD card. Once that is done you will have created a linked project so any changes made in the software will be reflected in the pedal when you synchronise.

Ok sorry bout that. Just trying to learn the basics.Got all tangled up with it apperently. …I have now changed the project how I want it IN the manager … and when I hit “export” ,then “Project to SD card” it opens a box that shows "data/effects/songs/drumsets/param and at the bottom of that box is a blank white area where its asking me to give it a file name …what do I do with this? And TYVM highly appreciate to info

Give it a name as I stated above.

this is crazy. Im really good on the computer. Ive gotten rid of viruses & all kinds of issues thruout the years on my computer, yet …This software is quite the challenge. .I did exactly like you said & I got an error message saying … Use FILE/Export to SD CARD instead … which is what I did. weird.

Is there an easy way to START OVER from scratch??

BBManager does indeed has a pretty steep learning curve. It’s pretty manageable after a while.

The easiest way is to download the SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page and unpack it to the SD card so that the four content folders are located on top of the SD card and not in a subfolder.

Ok, I downloaded the SD content AGAIN from here & it went smooth. didnt even ask where to save it to,almost an automatic transition. But On my SD card now .I have "data/FinalContent V120/Desktop <Thats whats on my SD card . Those 3 things. …But I went to desktop,clicked beatbuddy icon & it opened & loaded up & didnt even have the stuff I deleted over the last few days,oddly enough …Does this sound right as fara s whats suppose to be on my SD card?

No. You need to move all the content inside the Final Content v120 folder to the top of SD card.

Go to Final Content v120, press Ctrl+A to select all. Press Ctrl+X to cut. Go back to the top of the SD card. Press Ctrl+V to paste. This should help.

Just trying to understand, so BB has a USB port but to get to the SD card you need a SD card reader that you “hookup” to your Mac, even though BB just came out in the last year? If my assumption is correct that seems a little lame (from an engineering and design perspective).

Full details are in the following old thread.

However the issue is that the Mac does not have the correct drivers for the BB but windows has generic ones which work fine.
However most uses including myself (using Windows) prefer to update the SD card directly rather than using the BB.