Where is the Count In File

Hello All,

Does anyone know where the count in midi file is?

I’d like to duplicate it, modify it, and use it as the intro of my song. I want to play the song The Letter, which the guitar comes in on the up beat of the one, and the drums don’t come in until the 2nd measure. Therefore, I would like to have beat buddy do the normal count in, then have the song intro sound the same but just be the on the one, and then silence until the main part of the song.

I guess I could just create a midi file with what, a rimshot on the one?



Try one of the metronome files.

Thank you Phil!

I ended up creating a rimshot in Logic and importing it. Had to dust off a lot of brain cells. Fortunately, the rim shot in the Rock Drum set is a C1#.

After feeling all accomplished though, I realized that if you enable count in on the pedal, you don’t get the intro part of the song. So I can create a midi file with 5 rimshots, and turn off count-ins. But I like count ins, though, on other songs. I guess the best method is to change the settings back to count in after we play this song?

It has been a while since I used my BeatBuddy, took some time off of playing. Kind of crazy in Feb 2020 we are still dealing with the same old BeatBuddy Manger, don’t have Singular Sound published drum maps, etc. Hopefully they will get back around once all the new devices are settled.